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Welcome to the Home of The Zones - an in depth analysis of popular areas for tenants and potential purchasers. 

Analysis of each area

In 2012, Murray & Currie carried out detailed reserach into popular residential area's with our in-house stats team. As a result of this we have compiled information and reports on each "zone" - a general overview for each zone can be viewed here. Our team of property professionals are always keen to discuss your particular requirements and can recommend the perfect zone for you to buy or rent in. We have a team of property professionals with over 100 years of experience working and living in all of our zones.

"Let the experts do the work"

We have carried out a rental statistic report for each Zone and have an allocated member of the property team for each area who can offer advice and local knowledge to perspective tenants, landlords or buyers. Edinburgh has many superb areas to live in and our team are always on hand to offer advice or appraise property options across all zones in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Glasgow.              

"The Introduction of Zonal reporting at Murray & Currie is superb - its great to speak to real people about different areas. They clearly have an understanding of the areas they operate in and can offer informative, concise advice and stats to back them up." Margaret Young - LANDLORD