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Meet The Team: Sara Peshrowian

We sat down with Sara, a Senior Lettings Professional, in our latest "Meet the Team" feature. Sara is a successful result of our Napier University graduate scheme, Sara has worked in all departments and has extensive knowledge of the lettings industry. 

How long since you started at Murray & Currie?

5 years in January…

What are your main roles with in the business?

Lettings Queen, I do everything from leases, notices, HMO licenses and advertising properties.

Who’s in your photo?

The two loves of my life, Prosecco and Edinburgh Accies.

What is your guilty pleasure film and band/song?

Erasure – A little Respect and film wise anything with Tom Hardy… he’s a hunnie.

If you were an Action Hero, who would you be?  And why?

I’d like to say Wonder Woman, but more likely to be Ant Man; because he’s small and annoying..

Biggest Achievement outside family and work?

Getting a first in my dissertation at Uni. It was based on my work placement at Murray & Currie.

Are you Truth or are you Dare?


Worst clothing you’ve had that you thought was cool?

England football top, pink skirt over jeans and bunches in my hair… I was young and hideous

Weirdest habit?

I can’t walk anywhere when I’m in the office, I have to run, whether it’s to the key cupboard, printer, downstairs…always a little run.


What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To be more positive, I’m inspired by Alex’s PMA.