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Meet The Team: Alex Blair

Alex is one of our Property Managers, carrying out inspections and reporting to landlords as well as assisting with lettings team.   He re-joined the Murray & Currie this year, after a brief period away following his 2 and a half years spell with us in 2015. This issue, we hear more from Alex and one of his life tips….  

How long since you started at Murray & Currie?

2 months ago, however, I had a two and a half year spell here prior to this.

What are your main roles with in the business?

Property Inspections and Lettings support.

Who’s in your photo?

My three elder brothers and their kids.

What’s the strangest talent you have?

I can do an enormous gulp that you could hear from the other end of the office!

What is your guilty pleasure film, band or song?

Justin Bieber – I’ve watched his movie over 15 times.

If you were an Action Hero, who would you be?  And why?

I would be Batman. I once got lost, aged 6, in a French supermarket whilst on holiday. A policeman asked for my name to help locate my family – whilst sobbing I replied “Batman”.

What is top of your Bucket List?

Very keen to visit Vancouver – friends have said it’s one of the best places they’ve been to.

Biggest Achievement outside family and work?

Representing Scotland in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Worst clothing you’ve had that you thought was cool?

Bought a Kappa jacket aged 14 and thought it was cool. My friends slagged me off so bad, I binned it.

Something that no one knows about you?

I write a “grateful list” once a week before I go to the gym in the morning. If you don’t do or have never tried it I would recommend it. You realise how good you have it!


What’s on your Xmas list?

Zara vouchers…. And socks… I love fancy socks…